Zillow Group

Electric Coffin_Zillow_whale-mural.jpg

Zillow Group’s headquarters celebrates the beauty and culture of their Seattle home. Electric Coffin injected elements of the Pacific Northwest throughout the floor.


The centerpiece of the company’s primary meeting space is a continuous, 60 ft. canvas painting which was stretched across multiple walls for a 3D aquarium effect. The three-sided Orca painting features a fantastical take on Seattle’s origin story, built on the whale’s back.

Electric Coffin_Zillow_bear_mural-9.jpg

Electric Coffin’s Ursa Minor character was turned into a mural with simple hand-painted line work. The piece represents a sense of home: something Zillow Group’s mission caters to.

Electric Coffin_Zillow_wiseknave-18.jpg

Hand-carved coffee culture objects were knolled across the coffee bar wall to highlight the company-wide coffee oasis.

Electric Coffin_Zillow_gameroom_wallpaper.jpg

The overarching Pacific Northwest theme was carried into the arcade via an illustrated wallpaper. The galaxy motifs feature rocket orcas, a fishing astronaut, Seattle landmark space stations, and Sasquatch taking flight.