a collaboration between Duffy de Armas and Stefan Hofmann.

Electric Coffin is supported by a team of talented designers, project managers, and fabricators to really make this super deluxe art machine purr.

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exploring the intersection of art and commerce

We are fueled by a number of sources both material and ephemeral. These sources encompass knowledge, culture, and the physical remains of industry, mass production, communication, and commerce. They represent the highs and lows of human achievement--the sacred and the profane. Together, they create the combustible admixture that manifest into large-scale projects, installations, and objects.


5706 2nd Ave S, Seattle WA 98108


Reach out to us directly if you’re interested in one of our fine art works spotted in the wild. You can find our work in restaurants, galleries, and exhibitions around the world. We also do private commissions.


We often partner with commercial clients for custom works, space design, and experiential marketing. Previous clients include: Amazon, Dell, Expedia, Facebook, Microsoft, REI, T-Mobile, Unilever, Value Village, and Zillow Group. Let’s chat about your project and how we can add some creative horsepower.